Finance ministry wants cap on natural gas price

As revenues dry up and debt bloats, telcom cos scramble for capital

Member Grow your network; get people to follow you to earn the Networker badge on Remember to add both your ids to get the badge! Well Connected Movie Buff Watch a movie and become a critic! Review and rate a movie on to earn a Movie Buff Badge! Movie Buff Dept of Expenditure in the Finance Ministry wrote to the Petroleum Ministry suggesting cap in rates as well as RIL being made to honour its commitment.

Finance set to surpass tech as most-profitable U.S. industry


According to Mian’s analysis, U.S. financial services companies in the S&P 500 index are expected to report that they earned aggregate profits of $49 billion in the second quarter. That’s almost 20% of the $247 billion in quarterly earnings expected from the S&P 500 companies as a whole. By comparison, the tech sector is expected to report earnings of $41.5 billion, or 16.7% of the quarterly total.


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