July 2013, European Leveraged Finance Market Analysis; Video, Charts

Students gear up for sixth annual Jersey Finance work experience scheme

Loan issuance was 7.6 billion in June 2013, while high yield issuance was just 2.9 billion. According to JP Morgan HY research: estimated outflows out of European HY funds was almost 1.5 billion for June versus inflows of 3.8 billion till the end of May. Net inflows till the end of June are an estimated 1.3 billion. Secondary markets were down, loan markets were down 158 bps to finish the month at 98.83 while high yield markets were down 359 bps to finish the month at 99.65.

Aston Capital Forms LightCap I Fund to Finance LED Purchases and Installations

Morgan, JTC Group, Lloyds Banking Group, Mourant Ozannes, Ogier, PwC CI LLP, Royal Bank of Canada, Royal Bank of Scotland International Limited, Sator Regulatory Consulting Limited. Now in its sixth year, the Life in Finance programme provides a practical way for Year 12 students to gain new business and personal skills, learn about the finance industry and gain an insight into the diverse careers opportunities available. It offers work placements of up to two weeks for students from schools across the Island who are considering a career within the finance industry. To date, the programme has supported almost 150 students. Carla Harris, communications manager at Jersey Finance, commented: In the sixth year that we have run this program with Careers Jersey, it is encouraging that we are still receiving an overwhelming number of applications from students.

Another senate lawmaker, Pamela Wallin , also left Harpers caucus amid investigation of her expenses. Harpers former minister of intergovernmental affairs, Peter Penashue , lost his seat in a special vote after he was found by the countrys independent voting agency to have received ineligible campaign contributions in the 2011 general election. Wright, a managing director at Toronto-based Onex Corp. , Canadas largest private-equity firm, before becoming Harpers third chief of staff more than two years ago, helped the government focus on structural issues such as increasing exposure in Asian markets and boosting labor mobility, transitioning away from stimulus measures to boost domestic demand.

Flaherty Remains at Finance in Canada Cabinet Shuffle

We look forward to putting our capital to work and partnering with outside investors to fund LED projects that will deliver positive financial and environmental returns.” “This fund offers an innovative financing solution that will open up an enormous amount of market opportunities, helping to accelerate customer decisions to move forward with LED projects that will significantly reduce their energy use and costs,” said Charles J. Schafer, President and Chief Financial Officer of Revolution Lighting Technologies. “In addition, it will reduce energy and maintenance expenses that will allow Revolution Lighting customers to reinvest in other aspects of their operations and improve not only their energy efficiency, but their overall business for the long term. We are confident that LightCap I Fund will be the factor needed to move the needle in the next phase of commercial LED adoption and integration.” During the second quarter of 2013, LightCap I Fund provided approximately $4 million of funding for LED projects. Under the arrangements, Revolution Lighting was paid for the LED products through financing agreements between LightCap I and the customers who will pay back LightCap I over defined periods through a percentage of the energy and associated cost savings.


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