Czech Finance Minister Turns to Donors to Quell Campaign Attacks

To end these unfounded attacks against me, I have publicly asked the donors, where there are any uncertainties, to dispel any doubts. By naming the technocrat cabinet, President Milos Zeman snubbed lawmakers from the three former ruling-coalition parties, who said they commanded a majority to stay in power after a spying and bribery scandal sank Petr Necass pro-austerity government last month. The Social Democrats, the largest parliamentary party, demanded early elections and attacked Fischer for what they said were unclear campaign finances. The yield on 10-year government koruna debt, which reached an all-time low 1.48 percent on May 17, rose 1 basis point, or 0.01 percentage point, to 2.074 percent today, holding 51 basis points below comparable U.S. Treasuries, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Egypt’s new finance minister faces daunting task

“Fiscal policy for him would not be a budget deficit number, it would be about growth, empowerment and human development,” said Ghanem, who served under four finance ministers until shortly before Mohamed Mursi was elected president in mid-2012. The army ousted Mursi, Egypt’s first freely elected leader, on July 3 after millions of Egyptians poured into the streets to protest against the Islamist president and his government. Galal received a doctorate in economics from Boston University in 1986 after graduating in business administration from Cairo University. During his 18 years as an economist at the World Bank he concentrated on the Middle East and North Africa.


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