Finance minister directs Gulf aid to foreign reserves and state budget

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In a report published 15 July, credit rating agency Moodys stated that despite the positive effect the Gulf lifelines will have in increasing foreign reserve levels and reducing the budget deficit, real risks remain. The funding provides only temporary relief from the political and economic challenges in Egypt, it stated. Aid from the Gulf states alone, unless accompanied by a strong economic policy framework, is unlikely to bolster confidence enough to reinvigorate domestic and foreign investment to pre-revolution levels, the report explained. It stated that although the total Gulf support surpasses the proposed $4.8bn loan package from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), fiscal reforms associated with the program are still essential to reduce deficit and debt refinancing requirements. The release cited continued sectarian violence triggered by heightened political uncertainty amid the recent regime change a credit negative. Moodys also pointed out that countrys weak economic growth and fiscal position, and its elevated unemployment and inflation rates remain alarming.

Serbian PM threatens to oust finance minister

Thats a good idea, and something we need to be discussing in the U.S., where executive pay is not only extremely high compared to the rest of the world, but often arbitrary and shockingly detached from performance. Lazonick thinks what we really need is a whole new mindset about the economy. He recommends several things that would help get us back on track: Understand that markets dont create value, but that organizations investing in productive capabilities, like business, governments, and households do. Ban stock repurchases by U.S.

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Without URS’s 16 seats, the remaining coalition parties would still hold a slim majority in parliament. “If our political views match, we will continue to work within the same configuration, and in case they don’t, we will work with or without URS, since we have a majority in the parliament,” Dacic told reporters. He said he planned to present a new line-up for parliamentary approval on August 20. Dinkic’s ouster would likely unnerve investors worried about Serbia’s rising budget deficit and public debt, which have all but scuppered hopes of a new precautionary loan deal with the International Monetary Fund. On Friday, Fitch ratings kept Serbia’s BB- rating with a negative outlook, citing uncertainty over public finances and public debt, which is projected to reach 65 percent of output by 2014.

However, a small company may offer a unique technology product or niche service offering that the marketplace is receptive to. Joining an entrepreneurial environment means you will have to rapidly execute a variety of different tasks such as administration, accounting, marketing and strategy. Based on your personality, you might enjoy this kind of environment as opposed to a much more structured, narrowly-defined job inside a larger corporation. Analyst/Associate for Nonprofit Organizations Some nonprofit company examples include the Ford Foundation , the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and others.


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