Oh for the simplest solution in finance

The above describes almost all of the financial market needs of most companies. So why is it so difficult to get a simple solution? In a commoditized world, competition amongst banks appears to have driven them towards the most complex solution first, rather than the simplest. It seems this differentiates them. Concerned about volatility in commodity prices, or a rise in interest rates?

Borst will retire as Toyota finance chief

His replacement will be Mike Groff, 58, the seventh employee hired by Toyota Motor Credit Corp. when the captive finance company was formed in 1983. Groff has been head of Toyota Financial Services’ sales and marketing for the past five years. Borst presided over massive growth in Toyota’s finance arm from about $21 billion in assets in 1997 to $91 billion today, with its operating income jumping sixfold in that period, to $1.8 billion. Toyota’s share of its dealers’ finance business has soared from 37 percent in 1997 to 64 percent today.

GE Capital Retail Finance Celebrates 80 Years of Consumer Financing

GE Capital is one of the worlds largest providers of credit. For over one million businesses, large and small, GE Capital provides financing to purchase, lease and distribute equipment, as well as capital for real estate and corporate acquisitions, refinancings and restructurings. For our 100+ million consumer customers, GE Capital offers credit cards, sales finance programs, home, car and personal loans and credit insurance. For more information, visit http://www.gecapital.com or follow company news via Twitter @GECapital . GE (NYSE: GE ) works on things that matter.


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