City of Miami hires county finance staff to stabilize troubling budget issues

The idea is to make him able to pay a higher sum when his company makes profit at the year end. Similarly, under Balloon finance, the customer has to pay a lump sum amount at the last EMI. Finance options are available at Mercedes too through its own finance arm, Daimler Finance. The interest rate for financing cars for Mercedes ranges between 8% (C-Class) and 8.99 % (E-Class).


The cabinet retains the two female ministers in the same posts and has two members from the Shiite minority. “It appears we are before a policy that will never change and a mentality that has not understood the message of the election,” independent Shiite MP Faisal al-Duwaisan said in a statement. He threatened that if the government does not tackle a number of key issues quickly, he will question the prime minister and other ministers in parliament. MP Maasouma al-Mubarak, normally close to the government, said she was shocked by the new cabinet line-up which indicates to new crises in the country after retaining ministers who could not perform.

As property taxes poured in from 2005 through 2007, the citys reserves were dwindling, mostly to pay off mounting pension costs. FUND DWINDLED A bulging $141 million reserve fund in 2003 had dwindled to $10 million seven years later. A series of Miami Herald articles in 2008 explaining how financial leaders were transferring money from construction accounts to operating accounts to balance the general-fund budget caught the attention of the SEC, which launched its investigation. When Mayor Tomas Regalado was elected in 2009, he inherited budgets with whopping shortfalls.


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