Finance Minister should take tips from Robert Vadra: BJP’s attack in 10 points

Detroit Finance Director Cheryl Johnson under fire for racial comments during pension board meeting

He also said that he will demand an investigation monitored by the Supreme Court into Mr Vadra’s different business interests. The BJP’s decision to target Mr Vadra, 44, to embarrass Mrs Gandhi was discussed at a meeting this morning of its top body, its parliamentary board. At an all-party meeting convened by the government today, BJP’s Sushma Swaraj said that all members must be allowed to raise the Vadra issue in Parliament. CPI’s Gurudas Dasgupta said the “government should not be sensitive to any name.” The Congress has argued that since he is not a member of parliament, Mr Vadra cannot defend himself against allegations there, and the discussion is therefore unfair. Rejecting that rationale, the BJP allegedly said the Finance Minister should furnish any clarifications on the Congress president’s behalf.

Finance Minister P Chidambaram draws a line to check CAD at 3.7%

Konneh, ahead of a high power government delegation has left the country for China and India. The delegation is expected to meet with senior officials of China Export-Import (Exim) Bank and the India’s Ministry of Finance to discuss the possibilities of securing loan to finance infrastructure projects in Liberia. According to a Finance Ministry release, those forming part of the government delegation include representatives of the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Public Works, National Investment Commission, House of Representatives, and the Liberian Senate. Some of the projects high on the agenda for financing with proceeds from the loan include the Gbarnga -Mendicoma highway; the Ganta -Zwedru highway; the transmission and distribution lines in Monrovia; the Roberts International Airport, among others. The authorities of the Ministry of Finance assures the Liberian people that it intends to do everything possible to ensure that it secures the resources needed to finance Liberia’s infrastructure development which is inarguably a constraint to economic growth and expansion.

Liberia: Finance Minister Heads Delegation to China

“This is as much a red line as the fiscal deficit. We will do all to ensure that it is not breached. The current account deficit will be contained and fully and safely financed,” Chidambaram told reporters after reading out a statement on the balance of payments in Parliament on Monday. Shortly after returning to the finance ministry in August last year, Chidambaram vowed to restrict fiscal deficit to 5.3% of GDP in fiscal 2012-13. The deficit was eventually contained at 4.9% of GDP and India averted a possible downgrade.

I’m sitting here in awe that someone would say that. Gnatek is a Detroit homicide detective and immediate past chairman of the police and fire pension board. His wife also happens to be African American. The exchange continued: Johnson: Because it does and, you know what, thats not actually pension business so we cant have that. Gnatek: Thats why I was wondering why you said it during a pension meeting. Johnson: Because I was welcoming them here. Gnatek: Thats welcoming them? Johnson: Yeah. In my opinion, it is Gnatek talked with 7 Action News about the exchange.


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