Car finance experts Car Loan 4U comments on fuel and rail price increases

NorthStar Realty Finance Announces Pricing of a $531.5 Million Floating Rate CMBS Transaction

The price hikes have been blamed on the aggressive rising prices of Brent crude oil – but what about the train ticket price increases set for early 2014? At the same time that fuel prices are rising and costing normal people more money, the Government recently announced that rail fares in the UK are set to increase by 4.1% in the new year. Car Loan 4U Director Ryan Dignan, comments: Price rises arent pleasant for anyone but they are inevitable. However fuel prices really shouldnt be a turn off as running a car really can be affordable if you get the right car and the right car finance rate. The railway network in the UK is currently undergoing some major upgrades and while a 4.1% ticket price increase is going to hit people hard, the extra revenue it generates will help to improve the countries rail network for the long term.” Motorists looking to get their hands on a new or used Honda might want to consider their car finance solutions and as leading car finance providers, Car Loan 4U can help provide expert advice.

This announcement shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy the bonds. About NorthStar Realty Finance Corp. NorthStar Realty Finance Corp. is a diversified commercial real estate investment and asset management company that is organized as an internally managed REIT.


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