Finance dept turns down proposal okayed by CM

Personal Finance: Caution pays off in stocking up for school

The department apprised Dr Jafar of its decision that the proposal for creating 438 fresh posts for Sheikhupura district was not workable because of some financial issues. aThe finance department has rationalised the posts by reducing its size to the one fifth (1/5)a, the official said quoting from the decision. Earlier, addressing the meeting Shahbaz Sharif said no negligence would be tolerated in the eradication of dengue and the concerned departments should ensure strict implementation of the plan devised for curbing the virus. He said peopleas cooperation was of utmost importance in rooting out dengue and the campaign for promoting public awareness in this regard should continue. Environment secretary informed the chief minister that more than 5,000 places, including tyre shops, godowns and plant nurseries had been inspected and 59 cases had been registered against those ignoring precautions.

Development Banks and Post-Crisis Blues in Investment Finance


Only stock up on what your kids truly need. “Last year’s school scissors are still sharp and last year’s pencils still write,” said Pam Farley, a Sacramento mother of two who blogs at “Buy only what the teacher suggests, not every shiny, new back-to-school item.” Make a back-to-school list for each child and set an amount you can comfortably afford to spend. Yep, it’s a budget.

There is also a “policy additionality” when their expertise and policy advice contribute to improvement and stability of policy and regulatory environments. While both are obviously the case with multilateral development banks, very often national development banks are also local repositories of technical knowledge. Finally, as a corollary of these contributions, development banks may offer “selection additionality,” enhancing the process of project selection by governments. Long-term project finance needs in developing countries tend unequivocally upwards. In infrastructure, for instance, just to keep pace with the demands of urbanization, growth, climate change, and global integration, the World Bank estimates that these countries need to invest an additional US$1 trillion per annum through 2020.

Polish PM plans to replace Finance Minister Rostowski within months: sources

Earlier in August, the government’s spokesman, Pawel Gras, said there were no indication that Rostowski’s fate in the government would be in danger. But the other two sources, who are not members of the government but are in regular contact with senior policymakers, both said independently Tusk was planning to let Rostowski go within several months. Rostowski has been Poland’s finance minister for six years, making him the country’s longest-standing finance chief since the end of Communism in 1989. He has helped Poland become the European Union’s sole member to avoid recession following the financial crisis.


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